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Allan Kanner Profiled by Law 360 as a Titan of the Plaintiffs Bar

Allan Kanner thought he was destined for a career in academia as a philosophy or law professor. But a series of discussions with a college mentor about the law’s role in society convinced him he
could make more of a difference in the courtroom than the classroom.

The New Orleans-based Kanner, through his firm Kanner & Whiteley LLC, has established himself as a thoroughly agile lawyer, as evidenced by his work in litigation stemming from the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster, his representation of
farmers facing foreclosure, and most recently, his work for Louisiana in its quest to claim penalties and damages from the Deepwater Horizon disaster’s responsible parties.

As befitting a man as intellectually curious as Kanner, who did graduate study in philosophy at Harvard University before obtaining his law degree there, his cases are big, challenging and often very different from one another.
Allan Kanner.

“I have a broader array of case experiences than you typically see at the bar. I also have a penchant for novel cases. Many other lawyers, fine lawyers, find a niche and stick to it. I like to constantly push and challenge myself,” Kanner said.

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