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Information For Attorneys Handling NFIP Claims

Understanding the relationship between Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”) and private flood insurers will help ease the process of filing a flood claim. The typical or primary flood insurance policy is a Standard Flood Insurance Policy (“SFIP”) issued pursuant to the National Flood Insurance Act (“NFIA”), which is administered by FEMA through the National Flood Insurance Program (“NFIP”). FEMA does not issue and administer all SFIPs and has developed the Write Your Own (“WYO”) insurance program to allow private insurance carriers to issue and administer SFIPs under the NFIP. It is important to note that the NFIP is a federal program with many requirements to meet prior to claim payment approval. The following memo contains information that is essential for filing a successful NFIP claim.

Memo For Attorneys Handling NFIP Claims

Reference Materials
F-687 Claims Handbook 508XI Aug 2014
FEMA Form 086-0-6 Contents Worksheet
FEMA Form 086-0-7 Building Worksheet
FEMA Form 086-0-8 Building Worksheet (Continued)
FEMA Form 086-0-9 Proof of Loss
FEMA Form 086-0-10 Increased Cost of Compliance
FEMA Form 086-0-11 Notice of Loss
FEMA Form 086-0-12 Statement of Cost of Repair or Replacement
FEMA Form 086-0-13 Preliminary Report Adjuster
FEMA Form 086-0-14 508 Final Report Adjuster
FEMA Form 086-0-15 Narrative Report Adjuster
FEMA Form 086-0-16 Cause of Loss and Subrogation Report
UP Home Inventory-v2 3.29.12
FEMA Bulletin W-16053, dated August 17th with Advanced Payment Request Attached
Flood Insurance Appeals Process (052316)
Flood Insurance Reforms Timeline (052316)
W-12038 2012.06.20 re WYO Co. NonPymt of Amounts Due FEMA
Wind v Water 2011 w-11058
2016.09.09 Louisiana August Flooding POL 60 day extension w-16067

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