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Kanner & Whiteley Files Suit Against Opioid Manufacturers and Distributors on Behalf of NJ County for Fraudulent Marketing Practices that Caused National Opioid Epidemic

Kanner & Whiteley, LLC, along with Keefe Law Firm, have filed suit on behalf of Monmouth County, New Jersey for the damages it has suffered as a result of Opioid Manufacturers and Distributors’ false and misleading marketing campaigns and failure to stem the flow of the addictive drugs into communities nationwide. The lawsuit alleges that each company played a role in a coordinated and fraudulent scheme to profit from the unlawful sales of opioid drugs.

The suit alleges that Monmouth County has borne the brunt of the enormous financial costs associated with the excessive number of opioid prescriptions that have flooded the County in recent years. The suit details the defendants’ scheme to encourage the use of opioid drugs to treat conditions for which the drugs were not approved, and the methods by which the defendants knowingly concealed information related to the risks associated with opioids, including addiction and risk of death. It further details the ways in which defendants concealed evidence of opioid drug diversion in violation of obligations under federal and state law to identify, monitor, and report suspicious activity indicating drug diversion. The alleged fraud and concealment has not only created a public-health crisis, but has also increased the expenditures of the County including those for prescription and addiction-related treatment costs.

Monmouth County v. Purdue Pharma L.P., et al., MID L-003010-18 (N.J. Super. Ct. Law Div.)

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