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Kanner & Whiteley Settles Property Damage & Medical Monitoring Claims in Yerington, Nevada

On October 21, 2013, Kanner & Whiteley, LLC secured a class action settlement valued at up to $19.5 million on behalf of property owners and residents in Yerington, Nevada to resolve class members’ property damage and medical monitoring claims against Atlantic Richfield Co. and BP America, Inc. involving groundwater contamination resulting from operations at the former Anaconda Mine Site.

Pursuant to the settlement, Atlantic Richfield Co. and BP America, Inc. have agreed to provide approximately $7 million in payments to members of the property damage class and the medical monitoring class. Additionally, Atlantic Richfield Co. and BP America, Inc. have agreed to fund the extension of and connection to the City of Yerington Water System for residences within the class area currently without access to city water at an estimated cost of $6.5 million to $12.5 million.

Due to the unique legal circumstances involved in extending the City Water System, Kanner & Whiteley also worked to develop provisions within the settlement that would allow owners of property within the class area on which a domestic well was located to obtain water rights at Atlantic Richfield Co. and BP America, Inc.’s expense. Securing these rights enables well owners to maintain the use of their well for outdoor domestic uses once their property is connected to the City Water System.

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