Consumer Protection Law

As fraud becomes more and more sophisticated, so must the tools for fighting it. K&W takes an aggressive and focused approach to investigating consumer fraud. By collaborating with some of the country’s top experts, as well as using an aggressive approach to complex and multi-district litigation, K&W leaves no stone unturned.

Unfortunately, dishonest companies are sometimes amongst the nation’s most profitable. Today, it is easy for large companies to take advantage of their customers. We are a leader in using class actions to combat small frauds against a large number of individuals, and partner with law firms who share our passion.

K&W is instrumental in uncovering the latest schemes aimed at consumers. Whether it is misrepresenting the quality of products, not delivering goods as promised, or taking advantage of the vulnerable, new frauds are always emerging; however, as consumer fraud evolves, so does K&W.

Representative Cases:

  • Lead counsel, In re Dollar General Corp. Motor Oil Marketing and Sales Practices LitigationMulti-district consumer fraud and breach of implied warranties class actions against Dollar General for its marketing and sale of obsolete motor oil, MDL No. 2709 (W.D. Mo.) (manufactured goods)
  • Co-lead counsel, In re Intuniv Antitrust Litigation,A pay-for-delay class action brought on behalf of consumer purchasers of Intuniv® No. 1:16-cv-12396 (D. Mass.) (antitrust, pharmaceutical)
  • Lead counsel, In re: Budeprion XL Sales and Marketing Litigationnational MDL brought against Teva and Impax for consumer fraud in the marketing of a generic formulation of Wellbutrin XL®, MDL No. 2107 (pharmaceutical) (preliminary approval granted 2/2/12)
  • Co-lead counsel, In re: Cox Enterprises, Inc. Set-Top Cable Television Box Antitrust Litigationmulti-district antitrust class action against Cox Communications for its illegal tying actions associated with its lease of set-top boxes, MDL No. 2048 (W.D. Okla.) (antitrust)
  • Co-lead counsel, Kardonick v. Chase Bankfinal approval of $20 million national settlement of Chase customers who purchased credit card payment protection, No. 10-23235 (S.D. Fla.) (financial services)
  • Co-lead counsel, Kardonick v. Citibankputative class action brought on behalf of Citi customers who purchased credit card payment protection, No. 10-23023 (S.D. Fla.) (financial services)
  • Lead counsel, Barba v. Shire U.S., Inc., et al.Reaching a $14.75 million settlement on behalf of a class of Adderall XR purchasers No. 13–21158–CIV (S.D.Fla.) (antitrust, pharmaceutical)
  • Lead counsel, Shaffer v. Continental Casualtynational class settlement for the marketing and sales practice of long term care insurance, No. 06-2335 (C.D. Ca.) (insurance)
  • Lead counsel, Lemmings v. Second Chance Body Armor$29 million national class settlement of purchasers and users of defective bulletproof vests, No. CJ-2004-64 (Mayes County Dist. Ct., Okla.) (defective product)
  • Lead counsel, Milkman v. American Travelers Life Ins. Co.multi-million dollar national class settlement on behalf of long term care and home health care policyholders, No. 3775 (Ct. Common Pleas, 1st Judicial Dist,, Penn.) (insurance)
  • Lead counsel, Talalai v. Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.$300+ million national class settlement on behalf of Cooper Tire purchasers, MID-L-8839-OOMT, Mass Tort 259 (Law Div. Middlesex County, N.J.) (manufactured goods)
  • Lead counsel, Hanson v. Acceleration Life Ins. Co.multi-million dollar national settlement on behalf of long term care policyholders, No. 3:97-152 (D.N.D. 1999) (insurance)
  • Lead counsel, Wallace v. American Agrisurancemulti-million dollar national class settlement on behalf of rice growers holding CRC policies, No. LR-C-99-669 (E.D. Ark.) (agricultural, insurance)
  • Lead counsel, Dumont v. Charles Schwab & Co.settlement of certified national class of Schwab customers, 2000 WL 1023231, No. 99-2840 (financial services)
  • Lead counsel, Tompkins v. BASFmulti-million dollar settlement on behalf of agricultural product purchasers, No. 96-59 (Traill County, N.D.) (agriculture)
  • Co-lead counsel, Waxler v. Trinity Marine Products et al.$18 million class action settlement against barge manufacturers for defective interior coating of barges, No. 49-741 (25th JDC, Louisiana) (commercial, marine)
  • Co-lead counsel, In re: Synthroid Marketing Litigation$89 million national class action settlement granted final approval and affirmed on appeal, MDL No. 1182, 264 F.3d 712 (7th Cir. 2001) (pharmaceuticals)
  • Co-lead counsel, Jorgenson v. Agway, Inc.multi-million dollar settlement on behalf of over ninety individual sunflower growers, No. A3-00-59 (D.N.D. 2002) (agricultural)
  • Co-lead counsel, Bonilla v. Trebol Motors$129.5 million class action verdict affirmed in part and reversed in part on appeal, settled as to all parties, No. 92-1795 (D.P.R.) (RICO)

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