You will be joining an innovative, litigation focused, results-oriented law firm.

Our senior partners, who have practiced together for over 25 years, possess a continuity of leadership and experience to provide the appropriate mentoring and training.

Our lawyers and paralegals participate in every aspect of litigation from discovery, depositions, motion practice and trials.

Through litigation, trial, and settlement we have achieved not only monetary relief for our clients but changes that positively impact consumers, the environment and business practices, putting a stop to illegal and harmful activities.

We are proud to litigate cases involving novel issues across multiple fields of law. Some of our cases address climate change, PFAS, and consumer and insurer economic loss and medical monitoring class actions against the manufacturer, retail pharmacy, and wholesaler defendants. The combined experience of our attorneys makes us uniquely equipped to make innovative arguments that push for new interpretations of the law in ways that can benefit not only our clients, but their communities.

We routinely represent government entities and non-profit groups to effect change in the law, communities, and the environment.

Our firm works with and against some of the most prestigious firms in the country.


We have a track record of promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, historically employing 75% women attorneys, and welcoming employees from all walks of life, fostering inclusion without regard to race, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, or religious belief.