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Michigan Court lauds Kanner & Whiteley’s achievements in representing a class of law enforcement officers and agencies in bankruptcy proceeding relating to purchases of bullet-proof vests.

On November 11, 2013, the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Michigan awarded Kanner & Whiteley and co-counsel attorney’s fees and costs for their work as class counsel representing a class of law enforcement officers and agencies who purchased certain bullet-proof vests. Kanner & Whiteley filed a bankruptcy class claim with the estate of the Michigan-based manufacturer of the bullet-proof vests back in 2005 and pursued the class claim through resolution this year.

In granting class counsel an award of attorney’s fees in an amount greater than requested by the two firms, the bankruptcy court recognized the “extraordinary beneficial results” achieved by Class Counsel.
“But for the Class and the efforts of Class Counsel, the interests of many of these individual vest purchasers would not have been adequately represented in this bankruptcy case and these individuals would not have received any compensation for their valid vest claims.” As the bankruptcy court noted, “Class Counsel has protected the ‘little guys.’”

Once the bankruptcy trustee makes its final distribution of the estate’s funds to creditors, including the class, thousands of law enforcement officers and agencies will receive checks as reimbursement for the money paid for these vests. Based upon current information, it is estimated that the checks to class members will be sent out in early 2014. For more information on the Class Claim, please visit

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